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If Nora Roberts can still be angry about being plagiarized 20 years later, I can still be angry over getting plagiarized last year.

Publishing twitter, particularly romance twitter, has been abuzz because of an author having plagiarized many MANY (almost 30 last I saw) in her works. It's a fascinating thing, so if you want to check out what went down, go ahead. Roberts touches on it and the key hashtag that came out of it in her post.

Anyway. This is about me. Last May, as some of you may already know, a reader told me someone, at the time going by the name starbucksXlove, had used my stories, Filthy Words and Filthy Acts, to make a work called Voyeur. I was stunned, upset, and immediately filled out an abuse report. I didn't do any public callouts. I wanted it to be handled officially.

ETA: I wanted to add that comments on Voyeur were moderated. I knew they would never approve a comment from me, or anyone else, accusing them of plagiarizing, so they clearly were trying to avoid being called out. I obliged - I didn't feel like a potential dogpiling situation would have done anyone any good. So. Official channels only and vague tweeting about it.

So I waited. And waited. And waited. And waited. And five weeks later, I wrote an angry tumblr post, and then went to bed. And then the next day, still upset, I went to look at the plagiarized work but it was gone. Gone! I was able to pretty easily track down starbucksXlove under their new username - it didn't last long, whatever they changed it to, they shortly changed it once more to DaddyCablepool - and they had, just that day, posted a new cowritten work with the person who had supposedly beta'd the plagiarized work.

I was livid. Had they seen my tumblr post and then deleted the work and changed their name to try to avoid consequences? Because they were clearly still posting work, so AO3 had clearly not done anything to them. (In hind sight, the cowriter credit may have been a posting workaround. AO3 never told me that the writer received any kind of warning or restriction.) I wrote to AO3 to ask if abuse had taken it down, and that I'd been waiting FIVE WEEKS.

Abuse said they were the ones who deleted it, and they had a backlog of complaints and these things take time, etc, etc. etc. Except Abuse also says that they sort complaints due to priority, so my complaint of PLAGIARISM was in the "get to it in five weeks" category of priority.

I'm still so angry with that writer and so frustrated with AO3 Abuse.

I then saw that DaddyCablepool was running a big bang for Cablepool, and after some consideration with awesome twitter folks, I made a post saying, hey, guys, the mod plagiarized me, maybe don't give them your unposted works. I got a very small handful of likes, a "yikes," comment, and a "uh, do you have proof?" comment.

So. You know. That was fun and totally useful.

Right now, DaddyCablepool is no more. DarkDesires, BeniciHOE, and DarkHartwinCasuality are all current AO3 names for starbucksXlove on AO3 as of writing, and they may have others. These are all DIFFERENT AO3 accounts, some new, and one dating back to 2016 and would have been the one using the starbucksXlove name at some point. They change names all the time. I sometimes check to see if I can find any more evidence of plagiarism. So far, I haven't. Which good, don't fucking plagiarize.

But it took five weeks of me sitting on my hands waiting for Abuse to deal with it, because I didn't want to call them out publicly. Not that I have a PLATFORM for that kind of thing. And I don't know if Abuse even DID anything other than take the fic down. I would have thought that would be a potentially banning offense (this wasn't subtle) but clearly a no. I guess it's good to know for plagiarists on AO3 that you can just change your name, maybe start a new pseud with a new email address on the side, and go chugging on your merry way.

Then again, it didn't slow Cassandra Clare down, so hey. Why should AO3 try to be any better than and worry about plagiarism?

I'm not a great writer. I'm not Nora Roberts, I'm not Courtney Milan. But no one should have to deal with this kind of shit.

(The following images show the now deleted "Voyeur" fic as well as a side by side comparison of a passage to my work. In that image, my work is on the left, and the plagiarized work is on the right.)

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(Image from the Seven Seas website)

Major warnings for discussion of suicide, if you didn't know that that was what orange is about.

Oh man. How do I even start to tell you about how much I loved orange? It was lovely. It was painful. I cried. I laughed. I cried some more.

It blew me away.

Read more... )

I think it's a gorgeous comic, in story, in art, in character, in emotion. I borrowed it from the library, but it's one I'll need to pick up, even if I never make it through a reread, just to look at and page through from time to time, perhaps. Probably anyone who is interested has already read it, but if not, and you can handle the subject matter, I absolutely recommend it. The year has only begun, but it's maybe my favorite thing I've read so far. It is among my favorite things if I include everything I've ever read.

I still need to read orange: future, so no spoilers for that, please!

orange is available in the US from Seven Seas

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I FINALLY read Coyote. It's been out since, what, October? And I got it as soon as it came out, but only just got around to reading it.

So glad I did.

So Coyote is about a werewolf named Coyote and the pianist who is super into him. Coyote goes into heat one night while the pianist, known only as Marleen (not his real name) to Coyote, is wooing him, much to Marleen's shock, and Coyote agrees to let Marleen take him a brothel to relieve his need. And then later agrees to go back to Marleen's place for a week of heat relieving sex. Only there's also high tension between the werewolves, whose existence are officially denied, and the werewolves are happy to keep it that way, and a mafia family who've been feuding with them for decades.

Guess where this is going.

Mid Volume Spoilers Ahead )
I love it so much, I am so excited to read more.

Coyote is released by SuBLime in the US.

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Yes, I'm still doing my Best Reads of the Year for 2018 (and will for a while, because there's... a lot...) so I thought that to break it up, and maybe make things smoother for the end of THIS year, I'll start talking about stuff I enjoy right after I read it.

So. Getsuei. This is a collection of five stories. I'll quick cover the middle three.
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Ahhh... It's just so SAD and bittersweet. So good.

UNRELATED, how many tags can you have on dreamwidth? more than lj, but is that 200 or 2000??????
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HOW much time has passed since my last post? I really am not used to this whole journaling thing. I could never pick it up on lj in the mid 2000s, and i can't now, I guess. Alas!

But on to part two of my June reads! (I must get on this more often, or I will still be doing this come June of this year! I read a total of 533 books last year, so a lot to get through even though I'm not talking about every single one.)

Reminder that when I list mangaka's names, I do it very inconsistently bc of how I'm just used to saying their name.

June (Part 2)

I Hear the Sunspot: Theory of Happines by Fumino Yuki. FUMINO-SENSEI, I LOOOVE YOUUUUU. Okay so. SO. This is it, the one where THEY GET TOGETHER. Finally, FINALLY, Taichi will realize his feelings and they will profess their love and it will be a reciprocated BL comic at last! And it was exactly that, but done in a beautiful gorgeous way that involved long periods of time, as Taichi tries to find himself and gives up school, and Kohei deals with his hearing getting worse and realizing that he's NOT cool with just being Taichi's friend but just being hashtag sad about it (let me write a 3k essay about Kohei being selfish and how great it is and how we REALLY see it developing in the next title!) PLUS WE GET MAYA WHO IS SO AMAZING. She's such an ANGRY young woman, who has hearing loss herself, really dislikes Taichi and cockblocks our guys whenever she can, and has no idea how to deal with all her emotions because she's only like, 19. I LOVE HER.

Jackass! by Scarlet Beriko - I've never read a Scarlet Beriko title before Jackass and I REALLY liked it. It was funny and sexy and had a couple couples, and was just really fun. So Keisuke one day accidentally puts on his sister's pantyhose and only finds out at school (bc she'd been wearing his pants the night before and had taken both sets of wear off in one go, so they were nestled), and then his friend Masayuki sees and is INCREDIBLY turned on, and is like, please let me touch your legs, and then they fall in love and sexy times. MEANWHILE we have their mutual friend whose name I cannot remember who is very openly gay and very secretly sleeping with the school nurse is getting picked on by this dude (who CLEARLY has a crush on him) while school nurse is having a moral dilemma of sleeping with a student, so that love triangle gets resolved in the background. This isn't my favorite Scarlet Beriko title (because HER YAKUZA STUFF IS SO GOOD) but I really enjoyed it.

Love Stage!! vol 4-7 by Eiki Eiki and Zaou Taishi - I am SUCH fans of theirs, I will read anything they do. This wraps up the adventures of Izumi and Ryoma as they find true love together amid Izumi starting acting, amnesia, sexually harassing directors, comic artists (YES, THE MANGAKA FOR LALALULU SHOWS UP IN PERSON AND HE IS TOTALLY IN LOVE WITH IZUMI'S FRIEND) and Shougo and Rei continue their romance in the background. Shougo and Rei are my FAVORITES and I NEED to read Back Stage!! because that focuses on them. I also am DELIGHTED that Shougo is based on Eiki Eiki's little brother, the musician DAIGO. I have never listened to his old band Breakerz even in my big japanese music phase, so I am pretty unfamiliar with him, but still,  it's pretty fun. Love Stage is a wild ride, funny, and not for everyone, but I loooooooooooooooooooooooooove it.

Hide and Seek by Sakuragi Yaya (vol 1-3) - Complete in 3 volumes, this is a story about a single dad who runs a store and the gay pediatrician he agrees to sleep with largely out of curiosity when said pediatrician admits to being attracted to him. Single Dad isn't a GREAT dad, and his daughter isn't in it much, but I AM STILL A SUCKER FOR KID FIC. PLUS it's Sakuragi Yaya whom I ADORE. So it was a no brainer when I discovered this existed and bought all three volumes on the spot. I loved it. Could have been more family stuff going on, and her mom comes back for her and it's a little sad, but I enjoyed the romance as Dad realized he was really into Doctor.

Shout Out Loud! by Satosumi Takaguchi (vol 1-5) - I reread this this year, and I STILL love it. A 33 year old voice actor discovers he has a 17 year old son, starts working on m/m drama CDs to make more money to support him, is pursued by TWO costars, is trying to build a relationship with his son, and then his son is trying to figure out his identity (as a student, a hockey player, and his sexual identity as he becomes attracted to an older gay hockey player) and deal with how his dad is not at ALL like how he expected his dad to be, and it's really sweet. It's about family and love and identity and it's cool to see all the voice acting stuff, and it's funny, and a little sad at times, and just really excellent.

Tea for Two by Sakuragi Yaya (vol 1-4) - So I had NEVER 3 or 4 so this was super exciting! Tea for Two is what made me fall in love with Sakuragi-sensei. So this is about two high school boys, one who prefers sports over tea and one whose life is dedicated to tea as the heir to a tea ceremony master. This starts out a bit nonconny, but Tokumaru falls in love with Hasune pretty fast. There's a side couple I REALLY enjoy because their relationship is ambiguous and complicated a lot of the time (a porn illustrator and a traditional Japanese sweets maker), but what I REALLY REALLY love is the relationship between Tokumaru's and Hasune's little sisters. It's not romantic, they aren't in it very much, Hasune's sister really wants to be Tokumaru's sister's friend, but she's even WORSE at expressing herself than Hasune, so T's sister takes it the wrong way and sees her as a major rival. Clearly in the fanfic I will never write, they fall in love. In the yuri manga that will never exist that I dream of, they fall in love. I WANT THIS, why can't I have it? *sobs*

Kingyo Used Books by Yoshizaki Seimu - Viz only released the first four volumes of this which is SO unfortunate. It's all these stories about how manga brings people happiness and together, with a fun cast of characters, and it's like... YES. I LOVE COMICS SO MUCH. THEY ARE SO GOOD. THESE ARE MY FEELINGS TOO. And it's hilarious that there's a guy who HATES manga but loves bandes-desinees. Anyway. I wish there was more available, because it was really heartwarming to see such a love of comics. I would LOVE to be able to be in that basement with SHELVES AND SHELVES of comics. Alas. I must squeeze all my comics into my childhood bedroom.

NightS by Yoneda Kou - This is a collection of three stories, the first dealing with smuggling, the second with hs boys misunderstanding, and the third (and the longest) about two employees of a car dealership (salesman/mechanic). WOW. These are SO GOOD. No WONDER everyone like Yoneda Kou. The art is attractive, the stories are lovely, just, this is a really, really excellent collection. Very recommended.

The Queen of the Tearling by Erika Johansen - WHAT, a NOVEL? Well, I figured I'd round out part 2 with a NON-MANGA read, which was this. It was kind of weird?? But I still liked it. What I really REALLY loved is that our heroine is EXPLICITLY AN ATHEIST. It's so RARE to see that. Sometimes you get hand waving, sometimes it's just not mentioned, but so rarely do you get, "I'm an atheist." AHHH <3 Also I didn't realize that this is like... set in a post apocalyptic world, but one that's recovered enough to have a solid, established society with lots of history, and you only get a glance here and there of our world (the BOOKS she has of the before times, AHAHA, what a selection.) Think Basara. I haven't read the other books in this series, and I'm not rushing to, but I did quite like this.


And that's it! Phew! It got pretty long, and Part 3 is going to be probably just as long, but AFTER THAT, we move on to July! Yay!

Also while working on this, I might do a "Things that weren't best reads of the year for me but I really want to talk about some aspect of them, and maybe not totally positively" list at the end. There will probably only be a few on there, but I realized I had stuff I really wanted to say on one comic, and I have no where to say those things.

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AND WE HAVE REACHED JUNE. Seriously, this is when my reading EXPLODED for the year and why I am 12 books away from having read 500 for the year (as reported on goodreads - I DEF read things that I didn't put on goodreads, so I am probably already technically there.) Let's get to it!

Note - since we're getting into ALL THE MANGA soon, I will write mangaka names inconsistently. Like, I might do it Last First or First Last. jsyk.

June (Part 1)

Mean Girls Club: Pink Dawn by Ryan Heshka - Oh man, so this was odd but cool? Like, just these ladies saying fuck everything to, well, everything and mass chaos and violence and fighting back against leaders of order and purity. Like, not a FAVORITE favorite but a fun read. Really would have loved to check it out under a black light, because that's a thing, I think? But I didn't, alas.

Tom of Finland: The Complete Kake Comics by Tom of Finland- I was super curious for potential fic purposes to check out more Tom of Finland stuff than just the pin ups you see online now and then. These were often far more sequential comics than I expected (one sexual encounter OFTEN led to another as a new character walked by for the next, or Kake found himself in a new situation as a result of the previous) and were appropriately smutty and kinky and cartoony. It was a very interesting look at classic gay comic porn. I'd rec it if you that was something you wanted to read. (And there's almost nothing to read, it's nearly all wordless.)

Oglaf by Trudy Cooper and Doug Bayne - KEEPING with smutty entertainment, omg, Oglaf is SO FUN. I'm behind on the webcomic right now, but I just spent hours catching up in June. It's got such a great cast of characters and it's so funny and plays on so many tropes. It's very sexually explicit, so don't check it out at work. If you start from the very beginning, it may take some time to get into but there's a lot of one off joke comics so you don't really NEED to (though there definitely are many narratives occurring among the sexual hijinks.) It was also a title that I was a little unsure if it was "cool" to like (as in, I wouldn't feel judged liking it) and genuinely cool people like it, so phew! (I don't trust my taste often.)

Persephone by Allison Shaw - I am a SUCKER for any romantic Persephone/Hades story. First off, the art is WONDERFUL and it uses a somewhat limited color palette and I just really really love the art. The story is fun and sweet too as Hades DESPERATELY tries to ignore Cupid's Arrows. AND THE SIDE CHARACTERS. Give Artemis a whole comic to herself, please! Loved her! It's def for more mature audiences (Persephone and Hades do get it on at the end but it's v tame and classy and not very graphic but still.) So yeah, I def want to read more Allison Shaw things.

I Hear the Sunspot by Fumino Yuki - AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! THE STORY THAT STOLE MY HEART. POSSIBLY MY MOST FAVORITE THING THAT I READ ALL YEAR. So this is about two college students, Kohei and Taichi, and Taichi volunteers to be Kohei's note taker (Kohei has a hearing disability), and Kohei offers him lunches in return. ONLY OF COURSE KOHEI FALLS IN LOVE WITH TAICHI. So this is just the SWEETEST and MOST PLEASANT manga. It's a slow burn, for sure (I will talk about the installments on their own, but as a preview, in the third volume, we are still ONLY AT KISSES.) But like, the characters all have great depth, and they are all trying to figure their shit out and their feelings and their place in the world and how to communicate both in a basic sense and on an emotional level, and it's just SO GOOD. I don't know what to say about it other than I reread it like five times in the last seven months. It's just so lovely.

Also, this is where I was sucked into a BL spiral that's still going on and led me to read over 450 works in the following months.



Okay, that's it for now. I wrote these in between working on Yuletide, so hopefully they kind of make sense. I mean, this is all just self indulgent spewing of feelings in the first place, so I really shouldn't worry about it!

Also I know I've been saying three parts for June, but.... Well... It might be more.

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So this one will be a little longer, but we gotta speed to June which may... be in as many as three parts, depending how tired I get at a time. I read a little more during this time, because I was frantically trying to get a great selection of comics for the WisCon Comics Party. I wanted to read them all before putting them out, but... spending hundreds of dollars on comics makes for too many comics to do this. *SHRUG* Noooot doing that next year, I'll just gamble with my unread personal library as it stands.


The Prince and the Dressmaker by Jen Wang - AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, this was GREAT. It explores identity and ambition and acceptance and thoughtfulness, while peppering the page with wonderful dresses and a quiet development of a romance. IT IS SUPER SWEET, I adored it.

Goldie Vance vols 2 and 3 by Larson, Williams, Hayes, Ball, Stern et al - GOLDIE VANCE CONTINUES TO DELIGHT. I especially liked volume 3, because I LOVED the racing thing and the tense truce between Goldie and Sugar.


Circe by Madeline Miller - MILLER'S NEW NOVEL CAME OUT AND I LOOOOOOOOVED IT. I love how she retells Circe's story here, and I love Circe so much, and I love how messy all the characters are, and I need to reread this in the upcoming year. I know less about many of the myths surrounding Circe, so it was fun discovering them.

Exquisite Corpse by Penelope Bagieu - I've come to like unlikable characters, especially if they're ladies, and this comic was ALL UNLIKABLE CHARACTERS. But I looooooooooooved it, because the ladies win out in the end and KISS. If I didn't know it ended in a queer romance, I wasn't sure I'd finish it early on, but that motivated me to get past the ennui of genius or whatever the fuck the dude guy thinks he is, and the TWIST shows up, and then I was hooked.

Merman in My Tub by Itokichi - This is a super fun comedy manga about a guy and the merman who lives in his tub and all the merman's friends that keep dropping by. I find it very funny and cute and how it plays with tropes. Not the first manga I read this year, but here's a hint of what was to come for me the rest of the year.... (though not actually gay, the first manga i read this year was actually gay. What Did You Eat Yesterday by Fumi Yoshinaga, which I enjoy when I skim the recipes.)


My Boyfriend is a Bear by Pamela Ribon and Cat Farris - Look, i married my cat when I was six (he was very lovely in the white lace skirt around his shoulders - he didn't mind dress up at all) and I proposed to our third cat until I was 14 probably (and the fam always reminded me that I was already married to Cat #1. Look, it was fun.) So this sorta magical realism title of a woman dating an Actual Bear was RIGHT UP MY ALLEY. I squealed with delight while reading it. The bear is an extremely thoughtful boyfriend and is popular with her friends, family, and his coworkers, and our heroine finds the energy to pursue her dream. And it's so sweet and romantic. A highlight of the year.


Aaaaaaaaaaaand that's it for these months. Again, there were other things I read (and quite liked!) but just didn't feel like talking about.

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So it's December 13, and according to Goodreads, I've read 484 things this year. Most of them were comics. Specifically, manga. So I thought I'd run through and mention some of what I read this year! I'll be going month by month, because I DID read so much, so it makes sense. Though titles will be thin on the ground until June, because that's when I really started reading.


The Tea Dragon Society by Katie O'Neill - SO GOOD. It's just such a sweet and gentle story, HIGHLY recommend, PLUS it's getting kind of a prequel next year! YES!!!!! Beautiful, sweet, quiet, just all around FABULOUS. Katie O'Neill is one of my favorite comics creators.

Taproot by Keezy Young - the art in this was just so GREAT and gorgeous.

The Gentleman's Guide to Vice and Virtue by Mackenzi Lee - A NOVEL ON THIS LIST? One of only a handful, cherish them. This was so much fun. It went places I didn't expect, and I loved how awful Monty was at being a decent human being. Maybe because I relate to that?

Reindeer Boy by Cassandra Jean - This was a pretty sweet story! I wouldn't have minded it just a volume longer with a little more time to develop, but I am down for cute romances involving people with antlers and an incredibly hot SPOILER iirc.


And that was it! I read like, a couple other things that I didn't feel compelled to talk about at all. But I really didn't read much at the beginning of the year.

March and April will also go by pretty quick. Until next time!

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Hidamari ga Kikoeru - I really enjoy how much more Kohei seems to love Taichi than Taichi loves Kohei so like him ruminating on that or perhaps Taichi being concerned. First times or a sweet date would be excellent. Or future fic! What's going to happen? Also anything about Maya would be great, I love her and how angry she is and doesn't know how to deal with her emotions in a good way. But also that she CAN show her anger to Taichi where she just hides and pretends with everyone else.

 Song of Achilles - I would love some what ifs here. What if they had lived, still "dying" as far as everyone else knew but secretly running away to a quiet life (even thougj Achilles will always be restless.) Or if Achilles hadn't fallen for Odysseus's trick, would the war never end while our heroes lived peacefully? I would also super dug meetings in the after life. And anything about Briseis. Does she find rest? Maybe Thetis takes her and makes her into a nymph, out of curiosity perhaps, or some other reason. AUs of any kind are great too.

Ore Monogatari - ot3, absolutely. To add more in a couple days.

Kiss Him, Not Me - THEY NEED TO KISS AND GET MARRIED AND COSPLAY AND FANGIRL FOREVER AND BE ABSOLUTELY IN LOVE. or unrequited Shima-chan pining, allll the pining.

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Dear Podficcer,

Thank you! Podfic is great, and my interests are wide and there's very little that I don't love, so trust me, I mostly hope you have fun making the podfic! But... I do have some FAVORITE things, that if you made, that would be amazing...

Please note these are not in any particular order.

Captain America (MCU and 616) - Steve's the best, bottom Steve is one thousand percent my jam, if you pick anything that's got Cap fam comics characters all around the place, that'd be fab. (Jack, Dennis, Bernie, Rachel, Sam, Arnie, Connie, you get the idea.) I ship Steve with literally EVERYONE. I DO ask that characterization mashups are avoided - if a fic is labeled both mcu and 616, then I'm not super into it.

Adventure Zone (all arcs) - LUP IS STILL MY NUMBER ONE GIRL!!! But I love all the characters so anything with any of them would be great, in any arc.

Starsky and Hutch - Starsky and Hutch are totally in love but they also bone ladies, and Huggy/Starsky is my forever pining pairing.

Marvel Comics Ladies - ANYTHING CENTERING ON ANY MARVEL COMICS LADY would be great. Seriously.

DC (comics, DCAU, Bombshells) - Any pairing and threesome of Lois/Clark/Bruce, Tim/Kon, ANY Bombshells.

Dream Daddy - fucked up Robert/Joseph/Mary for life. The happy poly stuff doesn't interest me much here, though I am down for it in nearly every other instance.

Yuri on Ice - Victor/Yuuri, Michelle/Sara(/Emil)

Defenders - Matt/Foggy

Hitorijime My Hero - Setagawa/Kousuke

Doukyuusei - Kusakabe/Sajo but stuff with Harasen is good too.

Detroit: Become Human - Hank/Connor

Agent Carter - Peggy, peggy, peggy. she can be boning anyone, just... All the Peggy. Obvs.

Hidamari ga Kikoeru - Kohei/Taichi obvs.


Okay, general stuff

Podic specific - I really like bells and whistles, but it's totally okay if you don't want to do that! But like, music or sounds or whatever are just all really cool, and I super dig them.

Story specific - I LOVE so much stuff. I love really cute stuff, funny stuff, fucking DARk stuff, kid fic, a/b/o, alt universes esp modern royalty, overpowered characters, quiet character moments, fake married, infidelity, super kinky fic, CINDERELLA AUS, have i made my range clear? I like a LOT.

Short list of DNW: discussion of disordered eating, character bashing.

That's all, I think. Thank you so much!!
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There are other days I'd like to do, but is it gross if I don't get to them and only do this one? Uhhh... not gonna dwell on that.

Anyway, Snowflake Challenge is awesome, check it out here.

"In your own space, create a love meme for yourself. Let people tell you how amazing and awesome and loveable you really are."

<3 <3 <3 <3

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Thank you for writing me a Yuletide story!! Some things I'd be particularly interested in receiving...

In general, I like a LOT of stuff. AUs, angst, unrequited love, future fic, prioritizing a loved one to the detriment of everything else, sacrifice, blindly beautifully being in love, character studies. Playing with story format is really cool. PWP is really really good (and i dig most kinks). Death fic is good. Dark AUs. Fluff in moderation is good.

Dream Daddy - Anything about the fucked up relationship that is Mary and Joseph and Robert. Stuff about infidelity is encouraged. Pref not anything poly. Revenge sex is good, though, like, if Mary and Robert sleep together to spite Joseph or something. The more fucked up this is, the more everyone HURTS, the better. Cult ending stuff is also a-okay.

Emily Windsnap - Emily/Shona, the girls discovering and falling in love. The cuter, the better? though also complicated feelings about Emily's ability to live on land is extra delicious.

Bombshells - Aquawoman/Wonder Woman, beyond that, go wild.

Princess Princess Ever After - Amira/Sadie, the only one I wouldn't super dig unrequited love in. Pining is cool, though. Super fluff is great here.

Finishing School - Agatha/Sidheag. pretty much anything goes.

Song of Achilles - Patroclus/Achilles. Anything goes.

Thank you again!!! I look forward to reading what you make! <3 <3
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Captain America - Comics preferred, but Team Cap in MCU or other canon is totes fine. Steve is my heart, JUUUUST in case you didn’t know, and I ship him with literally EVERYONE, if you’re up for doing a rarer pairing, that’d be great. My one Steve caveat is, if there’s sex, bottom!Steve. Also things focusing on comics cap side characters (Bernie, Arnie, Dennis, Jack, Rachel, Sharon, Peggy, etc), that would super SUPER awesome.

Starsky and Hutch - Gen or slash, it’s ALLLLLLLLLLL good, lbr, gen in S&H is the slashiest gen that exists. Things about the ladies of Starsky and Hutch is real cool too.

Dream Daddy - ALL about the infidelity mess that is Joseph/Robert and Mary. anything about Mary, or Joseph/Robert, or like, any really good smut of any non-Dadsona pairing (i’m picky re the Dadsona character, so best if he’s not around). Or gen with Amanda or Mary or Val or any of the other daughters.

Adventure Zone - ANYTHING LUP CENTRIC, Carey/Killian, Hurley/Sloan, but gen with pretty much any characters is great, too.

DC Superhero Girls - Is there Diana/Harley? Well, anything in this verse about the girls would be great.

DC Bombshells - Diana/Mera is my faaaave, but again, anything set in this universe.

Marvel Comics Ladies - this HAS to be comics-only, no generalized movie characterizations or anything like that. That said, really anything goes! Just like. Marvel comics ladies. Gen, femslash, het so long as it focuses on the lady, all good.

Likes: fluff, h/c, death fic, angst, non-con, dark, curtain fic, AUs, I kind of love it all? COMPLEX FEELINGS ARE SO GOOD. Infidelity is a delicious weakness of mine. PWP or plotty porn, hell yeah, the kinkier, the better. CINDERELLA AUS ARE MY KRYPTONITE. Kidfic is sooooo good. Unrequited love gets an enthusiastic yes. Cool sci-fi concepts. Tortured, bloody, and so desperate to come Steve. Single parent meets single non-parent and THEY FALL IN LOVE. Case fic. Character study. Crossovers. This is a small selection of some things I like, not by ANY MEANS an exhaustive list. Mostly to try to showcase the RANGE I enjoy. Like. I really, really, really love almost everything. If it’s not on my “do not want” list, I will probably be super jazzed about it.

Things Specific to Podfic in general: I LOOOOVE music and sound effects and cool other audio things and experimental stuff, it's one thing that makes podfic so unique a medium for me. If that's not your normal bag, don't worry about it, I don't expect it! But if you DO enjoy putting those things in or would like to experiment, GO FOR IT!!

The short Do Not Want List: character bashing, scat, bulimia, focusing on sibling death (in reference is fine.) MAJOR MAJOR whump where literally NO ONE even questions the bad shit that is happening to character.

Thank you and I am so excited!!

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 Dear podficcer,

First off... AHHHHH, thank you for making me a podfic, I really look forward to it! <3 <3

Okay, down to the details of my sign up and preferences:


Captain America: Steve, Steve, Steve, Steve, Steve, Steve, Steve, I love the Cap family, like anything MCU or 616 or really anything Steve in general, Steve, Steve, Steve, Steve.

MCU: (but not GotG or Dr. Strange) I love Steve paired with literally anyone?? I really like pretty much all the movies and all the characters? Um, Idk what to say here. steve.

TV: Agent Carter (PEEEEGGGGYYYYYYY, ship Peggy/Angie, Peggy/Steve, Peggy/Ana/Jarvis, Howard is great, I even like hate sex Peggy/CMM I can't think of his name rn), Jessica Jones (Trish in general, Jessica/Trish, Jessica/Luke), Daredevil (Matt/Foggy tropey fluff), Luke Cage (ANYTHING MISTY, I haven't technically finished watching it as of writing this but I WILL by the time ITPE reveals go up)

616: STEEEVE and Cap family, aaaaaaand there's actually a bit of Jack Monroe/Dennis Dunphy out there written by me and Amuly, but that's really great stuff. Steve. Steve. Uhhh, Steve?

Avengers Academy: JANET/NATASHA, JANET/STEVE, JANET/ANYYYYOOOONE, Steve. Steve. I'd kind of prefer NOT Steve/Tony in this verse? But Steve/Tony is okay in other verses.

Finishing School Series: Sidheag/Agatha OWNS MY HEART, but anything about our main girls is great.

Parasol Protectorate: Anything with either Alexia or Ivy (ESPECIALLY IVY) would be great.  Ivy. Ivy. Ivy. IVY <3

Due South: Romantically, I prefer Fraser/Vecchio. *ducks* But I'm multi shipper trash, and I do enjoy Fraser/Kowalski too (though Francesca/Kowalksi is my second fave pairing after F/V) and because you made it and love it, I will enjoy it! (Kowalski pining and thinking he's not good enough compared to Vecchio wrt to Fraser's affection would be AMAZING if fic like that exists. IDK, I haven't read much in the fandom.)

SG1: Sam/Janet or Jack/Teal'c

Babylon 5: DOES FRANKLIN/GARIBALDI OR FRANKLIN/MARCUS EXIST???? IDK. If it does, OMG YES. Also pretty much anything Ivanova (But not Ivanova/Talia because I don't really like Talia.)

Leverage: THE OT3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! or gen anything with those three

Merlin: Merlin/Arthur, Gwen/Morgana, Gwen/Arthur, Gwen/Lancelot, anything Gwen really, Mithian/Elena


Adventure Zone: Hurley/Sloane or Killian/Carey (is that how they spell Carey? Audio only medium that I haven't caught up on so you know how it goes. DX)


Smallville: Clark/Lex, Martha/Lionel (SHH, it's so dark and great)

Supergirl TV: Kara, Kara, Kara, Kara, Kara

Lois & Clark: Lois/Clark

Lois Lane YA Books: Lois gen or Lois/Clark

Comics: Anything with Superman family characters, because that's where my heart lies. I love any combo of Lois/Clark/Bruce (incl OT3). I prefer goofy Kon to emo Kon.

DC Bombshells: Kate/Maggie, Diana/Mera (DOES THIS EXIST???), Diana or Mera gen, Supergirl and Stargirl, Harley/Ivy, Amanda Waller, like, anything really, if I'm honest.

Tiny Titans: TINY TITANS! \o/

DCAU (Superman, Batman, and JL): Again, any combo of Clark/Lois/Bruce, or gen JL shenanigans

IN GENERAL: I really like most genres! I love tropey stuff and I love more angsty stuff, and AUs are awesome (though i like aus where people have powers still over ones where they don't), overpowered is AMAZING, I especially love Modern Royal AUs. Death fic is totally cool, KID FIC IS SO AMAZING. PWPs hold my heart, but gen or plotty shenanigans are super fun too. I think the Hydra Trash Party is FANTASTIC, and I think fluffy snuggling is fun, too, so that should tell you something about my range of likes.

DO NOT WANT: I don't want anything to do with eating disorders, stories FOCUSING on dead siblings (refs to dead siblings are fine), or suicide.

Things Specific to Podfic in general: I LOOOOVE music and sound effects and cool other audio things, it's one thing that makes podfic so unique a medium for me. If that's not your normal bag, don't worry about it, I don't expect it! But if you DO enjoy putting those things in or would like to experiment, GO FOR IT!!

Otherwise... I don't know what to tell you? You can anon ask me questions if you want???

THANK YOU, I am sorry this letter is probably super unhelpful, but I really look forward to your podfic!!! THANK YOU! <3
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Dear Yuletide writer,


Okay, so LOIS LANE - Lois and Clark would be FAB but anything about any of the characters in this universe would be great too

Call the Midwife - I SUPER ship Trixie/Cynthia, but I also adore Chummy, and really most of the show's ladies, so again, really open with what you want to do

Kings - Jack/David forever OTP

Black Books - I ot3 it or just gen shenanigans!

Adventure Zone - Sloane/Hurley, 'nough said.


IN GENERAL, I'm into a LOT of stuff. Character introspection, tropey fun stuff, absolutely filthy pwp - so long as it's written with heart, I'll be super into it!

the only dnw I have is suicide or eating disorders - angst and character death are a-okay, but not suicide or eating disorders.

Thank you so much, and I look forward to reading your work!!
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Day 01

In your own space, talk about why you are doing the Fandom Snowflake Challenge? What drew you to it as a participant? What do you hope to accomplish by doing these challenges? Leave a comment in this post saying you did it. Include a link to your post if you feel comfortable doing so.

OH MAN, okay, so let's start out with a hard question for snowflake, SURE, that works. I say that jokingly, but also sort of mean it, because I'm not sure HOW to answer this. And part of the reason I do try to do Snowflake every year (since I learned about it... three years ago?) is that I only ever manage to complete one or two challenges (and usually the ones where I talk about myself.)

So I guess I want to manage to actually do every challenge this year. Probably won't happen, but... And I mean, I DO like talking about myself, I admit to being rather vain (but most people ARE, so...???) so that's another reason. And it's fun when I do manage to do it?

Sooooo, yeah, that's all I've got.

Oh, one last thing... I used to love reading everyone's responses, but I burned myself out really quick every year. I probably won't be able to check out many responses this year, due to lack of energy again, but I still love just seeing how many people do each challenge! But it's too big for me to even attempt to keep up with everything. :(
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Dear podficcer,


Okay, so specifics, because I'm a weirdly open yet supremely picky person. (Not as scary as it sounds, trust me.)

Marvel (MCU/616)

STEEEEEEEEEEEEVE is everything, I love Steve. I love Steve having sex with people (BOTTOM STEVE ALL THE WAAAAY), I love Steve goin on adventures, I love Steve having friends, I LOVE DAD STEVE, STEVE AND SMALL CHILDREN, SO GOOD. I love Steve being alone and friendless. I love Steve injured/dying/dead. I love Steve in SOOOO MANY FLAVORS. You cannot go wrong with Steve. HOWEVER. In MCU, I prefer post-serum to pre-serum (but like, disphoria w/ is body post serum is a okay). (For 616, either is good.) Steve DOES NOT MURDER PEOPLE. He is not MEAN. He might tease friends now and then (Bucky, eg), but he is not MEAN. If he kills randos or is overly snarky or mean to people, then please do not record that for me. (likewise, he's not STUPID. He's earnest sometimes, but he's smart and quick, even if a bit socially awkward, oh, poor Steve. This is why Peggy ate him alive sexually, without a doubt.)

OTHERWISE, STEEEEEEEEEEEVE. I ship him with pretty much everyone (yes, even villains in terrible horrible relationships. Rumlow/Steve, anyone??? Hydra Trash Party centering on destroying Steve, yesssssssssssss). The exceptions are: AoS tv characters (don't watch) or Ant-Man movie people (haven't seen.) I'd be a bit more interested in a smaller ship rather than a juggernaut, because I love seeing smaller ships get more love.

Also, there DO exist some fics that involve a comics character named Jack Monroe, and I only wrote like, half of them, but those are DEFINITELY a fantastic bet as well.

Other characters that I would love stories about: Peggy Carter, Jennifer Walters, Janet Van Dyne, Sharon Carter, Bernie Rosenthal, Leila Taylor, Cassie Lang, these are all ladies, can you sense a theme.

Supeman (comics/Lois and Clark/DCAU)


But nothing related to Man of Steel/Nolan Batman or reliant on new DCU comics canon knowledge, please.

(Smallville Clark/Lex or Martha/Lionel are also fun.)

Other fandoms w/ far less complicated notes:

Parks and Rec: canon pairings, with Leslie/Ben OTP

Parasol Protectorate/Finishing School: I LOVE EVERYONE IN THIS BAR, though I have a particular fondness foe Sidheag/Agatha, but I'm pretty sure I wrote the only fic of them out there.

THINGS I LIKE (general)

KID FIC. post-apocalypse and/or zombie aus. MODERN ROYAL AUS. Heathy BDSM! Unhealthy BDSM! Consent! Non-con! PWP! Plot! Cute domestic! Tragedy! Declarations of undying love! Cheating and complex feelings of falling in and out of love but still loving people too and all the complicated messy things that accompany that! Polyamory! um, yes, a lot of these are on other sides of spectrums, I am aware. Tooooooons of kinks, too, like, whoa on the kinks. Um. LOTS OF STUFF, I LIKE LOTS OF STUFF IS WHAT I'M TRYING TO SAY.


Steve being a diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick or a murderer. CHARACTER HATE/BASHING, fuck that shit.

Um, if you need more guidance, you can message me anon on tumblr or ask here or something, idk.

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  • I am one hundred percent always up for Steve being fucked in the ass.
  • Seriously anything Steve centric whether it be happy or angsty or even if he dies.
  • Steve Steve Steve
  • Podfic of Things I've Written (plus on tumblr) is a sure way to kill me with happiness and blushing.
  • Um, especially my Cruella/Anita story
  • Captain America (comics) works would be super super amazing.
  • Um, and, oh, Steve.
I will make this more coherent later (maybe, probably - b-day is months and months away anyway) but this works for now.
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Wellllll, I didn't manage to do any Snowflake Challenge things this year (and won't), but trying to go through some of them and commenting.


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